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About Barbieri Law

Navigating the tumultuous waters of a sex crime accusation in Texas can be an overwhelmingly daunting task. The complexities of the legal system, coupled with the severe potential consequences of a conviction, can make you feel like you're fighting an uphill battle.

At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., we understand the magnitude of your predicament. That's why we're here to shoulder the burden and be your guide, advocate, and defender. With a track record spanning over 25 years, our firm has been at the forefront of criminal defense, specializing in sex crimes. We have successfully represented clients in thousands of cases across Plano, Dallas-Fort Worth, and throughout Texas.

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Our Specializations in
Sex Crimes Defense

We offer a robust, aggressive, and comprehensive defense against a wide spectrum of sex crimes, including:

Sexual Assault:

We understand the gravity of these charges and work tirelessly to challenge every piece of evidence against our clients.

Child Pornography
and Sexual Abuse:

These are particularly sensitive cases. Our approach balances the severity of the charges with the need for compassionate representation.

with a Child:

Our thorough understanding of the nuances and specifics of this offense allows us to craft a defense strategy that can confront these charges head-on.


With the proliferation of digital media, this relatively new crime requires a defense that understands both legal and technological aspects.

Rape and
Statutory Rape:

These cases often involve challenging the credibility of the accuser and the reliability of their statements. We're experienced in navigating these complicated narratives.

...and many more.

We've tackled the most complex and challenging cases and welcome the opportunity to provide our clients with an aggressive, relentless defense that they deserve.

Why Entrust Your Case
to Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.?

Selecting your defense attorney is a critical decision. It's about finding someone who will stand up for your rights, fight for your future, and guide you through a challenging legal process. Here's why you should consider Barbieri Law Firm, P.C.:

Proven Track Record:

Our firm has successfully tried high-profile, groundbreaking cases, reflecting our tenacity and capability.


Our attorneys are led by a board-certified in Criminal Law Managing Partner, demonstrating our profound commitment and expertise in this field.


We've been consistently recognized for our outstanding work, including an AV rating by Martindale Hubbell and being named among the Top Women Lawyers by Texas Monthly.

At Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., we stand by our belief that everyone accused of a crime deserves a robust defense, and we strive relentlessly to deliver just that.

Our Team

Our Accolades and Certifications

Our team's unwavering dedication to our clients and outstanding
legal work has earned us numerous accolades and certifications:

  • Board Certified in Criminal Law
  • Superlawyers Recognition achievements and peer recognition.
  • Rising Stars Award
  • D Magazine D-Best Attorneys
  • Trial Lawyer of the Year by Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • President Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Top 100 Lawyers
  • Elite Lawyers Membership: A mark of distinction, showcasing our expertise and exceptional legal credentials.
  • AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell
  • Top Women Lawyers by Texas Monthly
  • With Barbieri Law Firm, P.C., you’re not just securing a defense - you’re securing a future.

Frequently Asked

Facing a sex crime charge, you probably have numerous questions about your circumstances and the potential legal avenues available to you. Below are responses to some commonly asked questions:

The aftermath of an accusation can be chaotic. Amidst this confusion, one thing should be clear: you need to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible. This early engagement ensures your rights are safeguarded right from the start and that an effective defense strategy can be initiated promptly.